Building your first html page

Have you decided to become a web designer ?

A web designer’s first foremost subject to master is HTML. Hyper Text Mark-up Language is a Mark-up language that is highly used in web page designing. You can learn with a lot of tutorials available online. Here I am not going to teach you any html, I am just guiding you through in building your first html page, because few of the tutorials doesn’t teach you how to do/code an html page, it just blindly starts up with the tags and attributes.

Along with creating the html file you will also know about :

  1. The Editor
  2. The Browser
  3. Tutorial Guides

The Editor

To create a html page you need a editor to type in the html codes. The following software list will help you type in your htmls.

  • notepad, notepad++ for windows
  • gedit for linus based operating systems
  • textedit for mac

The above listed editors are only the basic html editors, there are other editors that is useful when you are an advance html developer.

Open the editor type the following code

<title>My first Page title</title>
<h1>Wow! My First Page is working cool :-)</h1>

The above html code has some codes missing factors like doctype, lang attribute etc which you will learn in any tutorial links listed far below. Why did I create the code with few mistakes? I want you to learn html and learning always starts with some mistakes :-). Save the page as mypage.html in your desktop or any other drive which is comfortable for you.

Testing the page :

Yeah testing eventually means viewing the page. Before Viewing a page you need to know something about browsers.

The Browser :

A browser is a software used to view markup languages like html, xml and most of the web pages which has dynamic content through php, and more.
Few of the leading browsers are mozilla firefox, google chrome, internet explorer, safari, opera. Each operating system has its own default browsers which you can use to view your first page.

Viewing the page :

  • Right click on mypage.html file that you created, click on the option to view on the browser.
  • Open a browser, click file->open and direct to the mypage.html file and click open and it should open it.
  • Click drag drop the mypage.html page into the already opened browser which will also open the page you created. The page should look like the following image.


Tutorials Guides :

There are a lot of tutorials available online, but not all of them are good to follow for a new bee. The following websites are the best for a new html learner.

There are few other interactive tutorials like codecademy and more for advance html learners. You need not create any html page you can test all the tags and attributes directly on those web pages. Confusing, just ignore this paragraph and come back again later when you are really good with html.

Conclusion :

  • You have learnt how to create an html page.
  • You also have learnt how to open up the html page in the browser.
  • You got some splendid guide on the tutorials to follow.

Follow more of my blog posts, and become a perfect web developer.