How to integrate ccavenue payment gateway

This blog explains you the difficulties I have faced during the integration of ccavenue payment gateway onto a website, even though I followed most of the information available at the api links, google links and more, I always failed till I found one solution. Please read all the failed steps so that you can save a lot of time.

Necessary info before integration:

Merchantid, access code and working key. MerchantId need to be activated through ccavenue support, make sure the merchantId is active and proceed.

CCAvenue Merchant Accounting Reporting System API Keys

Where to get this from ? You Can find it after login into the ccavenue using your username and password. takes you to the login page.

CCAvenue® Merchant Login India s Top Payment Gateway

Issues, I faced during the integration

Issue 1: Integration Manual was wrong or always returned an error

I went through a pdf which I got from ccavenue website This document explains all variables and stuffs to do but does not lead to what we wanted, a working payment gateway. May be this pdf is a old one. I say this because after I solved it, I saw the solution had a lot of difference to this pdf document. I suggest you to stop following this document.

Issue 2: M.A.R.S account link not found

M.a.r.s is Merchant Accounting And Reporting System.

Ccavenue, web integration kit says we need to activate the merchant id at m.a.r.s account but never gave a specific link for it. Which makes it non official and puzzles us to ask “is it safe ?”. Some how I got a m.a.r.s account link from google which is

Issue 3: Could not login with M.A.R.S account

At the m.a.r.s link I tried to login with the ccavenue credentials which did not work. May be we need to get special credentials for m.a.r.s link I think.

Issue 4: Do we really need M.A.R.S account ?

At ccavenue a page said we need to search for m.a.r.s account for API key, but the ccavenue control panel already have a API key, which makes the ccavenue control panel to be the latest m.a.r.s account. I believe the API key in the control panel is the key to be used for transaction. So my conclusion is m.a.r.s account is not needed, am not sure why m.a.r.s is mentioned any way.

Finally How I got it solved

Ccavenue has a built in some sample code of each language like php, asp and more. I used sample code, customized it to my requirements and got it solved.

CCAvenue Merchant Accounting Reporting System Integration Document

After login into ccavenue go to resources -> web integration kit -> Download Integration Kit.

Following any other methods, you will have to waste a lot of time as I did.